3 ways to use Twitter to advance your job search


Seven in ten employers are snooping candidates’ social media profiles prior to hiring, according to a 2017 CareerBuilder survey, up from 6 in 10 employers in 2016. That means if you have social media accounts, like Twitter, you should be using them to help build your online brand and boost your reputation and influence. Doing so may even help you get your next job.

Try these three tips to make the most of your Twitter account.

1. Make a list of influencers. Carefully construct Twitter lists of the people you’d like to emulate. These can be leaders in your industry or field, people unanimously respected in the industry, or new up-and-comers who are rapidly gaining popularity in your field. Also, you can look at other influencer’s lists to get ideas of profiles you should add. You can even subscribe to public lists of other people on Twitter.

2. Curate content. Great industry leaders collect or curate resources that will be useful to their followers. You can adopt this best practice by sharing snippets of content from blogs you’re already reading or valuable material you come across from your Twitter lists. In addition to sharing great content, try to share your own insights and add your own voice to what you’ve read.

It’s also a good idea to keep an eye on news headlines. Watch for breaking stories relevant to your industry to share via Twitter. Subscribe to informative newsletters and “like” pages on Facebook with interesting content. Read books, magazines and journal articles written by experts in your field; listen to podcasts by experts; and attend webinars and conferences. Be a student of your industry or field and make a conscious effort to continually learn and grow.

3. Build a following. Once you’ve identified influencers and accrued great content, the next step is to build a following. One of the minds behind Tweet Smarter, Dave Larson, says that the answer to build a following — and your reputation — on Twitter is to find influential users to promote you. “Having the right tweets means when people check you out they will follow you, and feel comfortable recommending you to others,” he writes.

Becoming an industry resource on Twitter is an essential part of establishing yourself as a leader in your industry. After all, 44 percent of employers say they’ve found content on a social networking site that caused them to hire a candidate. Take advantage of this opportunity to advance your job search — or career — by leveraging the right influencers, curating great content and amassing a good following.

Source: https://www.careerbuilder.com/advice/how-to-turn-your-twitter-into-a-valuable-industry-resource


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