8 Things You Can Do to Motivate Yourself While Job Searching in Nigeria

If you’ve been searching long enough for a job in this country, then you know that job hunting can be very tough, and you must understand how one’s motivation can easily wear out after searching doggedly and persistently, but in futility. After perusing a myriad of websites, completing tasking application forms, crafting the perfect cover letter, and eventually securing an interview, then the real challenge starts.
Although experience has shown that one of the biggest challenges this period poses is maintaining the motivation to continue hunting, especially when dealing with rejection and months of waiting for a response, it is possible and even necessary to stay positive and optimistic.
With this in mind, you can stay motivated for as long as your job hunt lasts by adhering to the following guidelines:


1. Write Down Your Career Goals

You might have tried to avoid answering such questions as “where do you see yourself in 15 years?” in the past, but there could be no better time than right now to think about answering them.
It is most helpful to take the time to make a list of all of your dreams – big and small – on paper, as this will force you to actively think about what you want to achieve and consequently motivate you to do what needs to be done for as many of those dreams as possible to become reality.


2. Have a Detailed and Specific Plan

You need not just an idea of what you intend doing during your job hunt, but a well thought out, written and detailed plan. This is necessary because when your motivation is low, general job-searching tasks such as reaching out to contacts in your network and drafting cover letters can become overwhelming.
Having a proper plan eliminates such unnecessary pressure and the resultant despair that could easily follow.


3. Give Yourself Targets

Setting daily or weekly targets can keep you motivated a great deal. For example, you could aim at reaching out to two direct contacts of yours per day, or sending out three job applications weekly.
Such realistic targets will enable you better manage your energy and resources, and will ensure that your job hunt is as effective as possible without leaving you feeling unnecessarily miserable.


4. Surround Yourself with Positive and Optimistic People

We all have friends or family members who we love but who might be overwhelmingly negative, seem to feed off our energy, and leave us feeling forlorn. But there are also certain people in our lives who easily make us feel not only capable, but invincible.
These are the ones we should endeavour to spend time with regularly so we can keep our spirits up while searching for a job. Optimism is contagious!


5. Engage Motivational Resources

Devoting a good portion of your time to reading motivational blogs and articles is always a great idea during a job hunt. Some people routinely watch a TED talk on YouTube every morning, for instance. This keeps them optimistic and powered up.


6. Find Yourself Career Role Models

If you searched for people who have your dream job or who work at the companies you are interested in, and looked at the various ways they have gotten to their current positions, you would be reminded that there really is no definite path to success.
It is incredibly helpful and motivating to go the extra mile by reaching out to a few of these people and asking them to share with you some wisdom to aid your own search.


7. Be Active on Industry-Specific Platforms

Acquiring greater knowledge about your industry is always a plus and helps sustain your passion for your dream career. Such knowledge can easily be found on blogs and websites that are specific to your industry.
Furthermore, knowing what’s going on in your industry gives you reason to reach out and begin discussions with key people on these platforms. As you already know, engaging and learning from people who are currently better than you only makes you better.


8. Believe In and Be Patient with Yourself

You must realise, finally, that there will always be the really bad days when we feel undervalued and incompetent. This is usually because we feel we should have accomplished so much more than we have, especially in comparison with our peers.

It is at such times that you need to remind yourself just how special and capable you are, and that your job search will eventually end in success if you stay motivated. No matter how long, always know that there is good job out there looking for you too.

Source: http://career.com.ng/motivating-yourself-while-job-searching-in-nigeria/


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