Enterprise Story of Linda Ikeja Media

Meet Linda Ikeji a media mogul who went from a modelling career to Linda Ikeji media by turning her passion for connecting and networking with people to having her media empire.

After 8 years of modelling, Linda being an entrepreneur visited various banks seeking for a 1 million loan to start her enterprise but she received no call back. She went into blogging which was the perfect time as the media industry was growing in Nigeria.

Linda’s perseverance was one of the qualities that made her become one of the top bloggers in Nigeria, she kept the blog updated with gist, gossips and news every day even in the earlier times of when she had to go the cyber café just to update her blog.

It took Linda 3 years of patience, dedication, perseverance and building her social network before she received her first call for advert placements. She now has a huge social network.

In 2015, she launched Linda Ikeji Social network with over 50,000 users on its first.

As a philanthropist, she is constantly looking for ways to help people; through LIB Giveaways, Campaigns on her blog, and currently her foundation “I’ll rather be self-made” that gives grants to ladies between the ages of 16-26 years with viable business ideas.

Her media enterprise has expanded to Linda Ikeji Socials and Linda Ikeji Tv which was launched June 2018 and she hopes it becomes the African Netflix.

Watch below, Linda Ikeji’s message to every young girl out there!


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