During a sit-down interview on “Variety”, Scarlett Johansson says she is “pushing” for an all-women marvel movie, despite her character Black Widow’s demise in “Endgame.”

“I don’t know what my future is in that world. Obviously, it’s a little more opaque for my character,” Johansson told Variety’s Marc Malkin while promoting her new film “Jojo Rabbit.” “But that group of actresses is so incredibly powerful and when they come together, it’s explosive and unstoppable. So yes, I’m pushing for that. I think audiences want it and I’m definitely one of them.”

After the epic battle scene in “Avengers: Endgame” depicted the female superheroes uniting to protect Spider-Man from Thanos, Marvel fans started wondering if they’ll ever see the women unite for a standalone movie.

As reported by comicbook, ten years and 23 movies after Marvel Studios first launched the Marvel Cinematic Universe, just two of the films have been headlined by female stars, Ant-Man and the Wasp and Captain Marvel.

Just one of those movies (Captain Marvel) featured a female director, Anna Boden, who ended up co-directing alongside Ryan Fleck. That means all 23 films released from Marvel Studios to date have had a male director involved and 22 of the 23 have had a male lead in the title.

The Johansson-starring Black Widow will be Marvel’s first female-led film directed by a solo female director, the first of its kind in 12 years for the studio.

This is the reason why the Black Widow actress is trying to push for more marvel movies with women actively involved.


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