WORK IT OUT WITH VIVIAN – 5 Solutions to Close the Gender Gap

Gender inclusion in an organization provides a lot of benefits for an organization and many of the individuals who work in the organization. There are many things that an organization can do to close the gender gap. Below are five suggestions. 

1.  Acknowledge It

One way to begin closing the gender gap is to acknowledge that it exists. When there is an acknowledgment that there is something that needs to be changed, it gives space for that change to happen. Whether the gender gap is gender in different level positions or overall divisions of gender in an organization, you must first identify the problem in order to begin changing it. Accessing the issue within an organization helps to know where to start, whether it be hiring, promoting, or something else within the organization that can be adjusted to help alleviate the gender gap.

2. Speak Up

Bringing attention to an issue requires lots of different voices within an organization. It should not only be the voices of those who are underrepresented in an organization that should speak up. Those who are the majority in an organization should also stand up for their coworkers and speak up on their behalf as those who are assumedly in higher-level positions. If there are people speaking up for those who are underrepresented in an organization, not only does it show solidarity, but it can also bolster those voices to speak up for themselves where there might have been hesitation.

3. Allow For Growth

Allowing for growth of underrepresented genders in the workspace can help to close the gender gap in many ways. The first way is by showing people who identify with different genders that they have a chance of growing in the company and transitioning into higher-level positions. Growth can also allow for other opportunities for underrepresented gender identities to make their way into the company. Having these diverse gender individuals at different levels in an organization helps to promote hiring more of these people into an organization.

4. Change Hiring Qualifications

Changing the way that an organization hires employees can help close the gender gap. When it comes to hiring, changing the qualifications could encourage individuals of different gender identities to apply to positions they might have been discouraged from applying for. Historically, some organizations or divisions of work have been primarily staffed by one gender and changing that begins with just hiring someone different. The first step is to enact the change and it will cause a domino effect of change. Once one diverse person is hired into a workplace, then more people can feel comfortable there and more can be hired there.

5. Change Hiring Rules

Changing the rules for hiring is different than changing qualifications. Qualifications can help encourage more diverse people to apply, but changing the rules for hiring is a way to ensure that these people of different gender identities get hired into the workplace. Changing the rules is a way to make sure that there is inclusion in hiring. Having a minimum requirement for diverse hires helps to kickstart the change in an organization. There are different rules for diversity in hiring in all divergent types of environments; possibly the most well-known one is the Rooney Rule for the NFL. Implementing something along those lines greatly helps during the hiring stage to promote diversity.

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Author: Dominique Nieves

Women & Work

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