The truth about working women: 5 types of career women

Sep. 21, 2017

(1) The professional type: Specialists eager to make a difference

Professional type

Professional types, who account for 16.2% of all career woman, have a strong desire to be relied on and appreciated by others. Their lives revolve around work. The traits of this cluster can be succinctly summed up in these three points:

  • They’re highly motivated on the job. Their work is their hobby and their life.
  • They’re sensible and prudent. When shopping they choose with their own eyes.
  • They want an equal relationship with their partner, and aren’t fixated on marriage.

(2) The gung-ho type: Going nonstop on every front

Gung-ho type

The next category is the gung-ho type: upbeat women who seek to fulfill themselves on every front, both professional and personal. They make up 12.8% of all career women. They’re perfectionists who do everything to a T, but even then they’re not satisfied: that’s how ambitious and tough they are. Their traits can be summed up in these three points:

  • They go all out both on and off the job. They have active love lives and have their lives all planned out.
  • They have lots of acquaintances and can make friends with anyone. They’re always busy making connections.
  • They tap all forms of media to gather information, and make full use of comparison-shopping sites.

(3) The casual career woman: Housewife in waiting

Casual career woman

The next category is the casual career woman: those who value stability and seek the ordinary happiness within their reach. At 9.9% of all career women they number relatively few. Their traits can be summed up in these three points:

  • They have the slightly old-fashioned goal of quitting their job one day to get married and become a housewife, and they never want to divorce. For them a woman’s happiness lies in matrimony.
  • They’re content with a few close friends. On social media they react to others’ comments and uploads with likes rather than post their own.
  • They hate to splurge. They enjoy the latest trends by taking advantage of giveaways and low-priced items.

(4) The oddball type: Putting their interests first

Oddball type

The next category is the oddball type: women who want to enjoy their favorite things at their own pace and make no bones about the fact that they only work for the sake of their livelihood and interests. The members of this cluster, who account for 12.1% of all career women, tend to be in their early thirties. They plan to stay on their present course in life and care little about marriage or fashion. Sensible and not very feminine, they follow their own path in life. Their traits can be summed up in these three points:

  • They do things at their own pace. They’re quite content to be alone and hate to be fettered.
  • Prudent shoppers, they’re happy to buy secondhand because they believe in saving money.
  • They only work to make money and put their private lives first.

(5) The humdrum type: Introverted and living in a daze

The seventh and final cluster is the humdrum type: women who are not good at communicating with others and drift through life in their own little world. They take things at their own pace and are passive and unambitious. And, surprise, surprise, they account for the largest share of any cluster—18.4% (!).Their traits can be summed up in these three points:

  • They go through life in a daze.
  • They are not very information-savvy and are passive in their media consumption.
  • They want to marry one day, but being cautious they’re not very good at actively venturing out.

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