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Accept Yourself

One important skill I have come to learn and master (still trying to completely master) in my journey as human, woman, career person and entrepreneur – is self awareness.

Next to self awareness is self acceptance. 

This is one thing that has afforded me peace in everything I do and in all circumstances I have found myself. 

Yes, I am not perfect (and nobody is). But I have learnt to consciously love, accept, make improvements, showcase, etc. anything I do. 

Whether I ‘mess up’ or ‘show up’, I accept it as something that has happened in my normal course of life (fortunately or unfortunately), something nature has ordained to happen/be at that moment, something that comes from ‘me’- an original, peculiar, acceptable, God-created-in-perfection … ‘me’. 

(Most times the judges of whether we messed up or did great, are in our minds, or maybe not relevant people).
So, I fret not. I accept every moment and I strive to be better- to love more, be happy more, give more, do more, take more, rest more, laugh more, etc.

I take things one day at a time. This is what I have always told younger career women who have continuously asked me, “How do you do it?” “You are so strong, you seem to have everything under control”.
The only thing I try to have, must have under control- is my sanity, my peace. I cannot compromise on this.

When you are in control of your sanity and are at peace, you are more coordinated to reason things better, coordinate things better and handle things better. No one and nothing can get into your head / emotions to distort the flow of things.

Have people and circumstances tried to make me feel less than myself or unqualified? – yes, very often. But I hold on tight to the knowledge and realisation that I am good enough! 

I say to myself, “Just stay calm, be yourself, be natural and watch your own very nature and perculiar inclinations sort out the issues”. This has worked out always, always. Being my complete real self has always seen me through. 

Infact, in my journey to gain mastery of myself, I have even discovered that I am such a sweet fruit (like the proverbial Udala/ Agbalumo) and people/ things must poke at me often to get a taste!

So many things to write/ share. But my concluding words for today would be:
1. Learn yourself, find your strengths, you are good enough because God made you.
2. Accept yourself, love yourself, never try to be like ANYONE else. 
3. Be authentic, you are more compelling this way and people would come to accept/ love you this way. Ever wondered why the nollywood movie ‘Nkoli Nwa Nsukka’ went viral?
4. Not everyone would love you, you must realise this. But you have as much right to live and thrive in this world as your haters do. So, let them deal with their hatred while you live your life freely. 
5. Never let anyone or anything get into your head. Keep your sanity, guard your peace of mind! 

You are good enough!

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