‘Work it Out’- with Vivian: Am I my Brother’s Keeper?

I have tried to stay calm in the midst of every event that had unfolded in the past weeks, beginning from the Abule Ado explosion that happened so close to where I live with my family, to the Coronavirus spread, to the lock down of churches, the panic buying, the shutting down of schools and the kids’ homecoming, the lockdown at our office and other offices with whom we conduct businesses, to the official closure of the markets. 

Everything has happened so rapidly and unexpectedly that there has been no time to even prepare emotionally for what has come. It is probably only the emotional and psychological strength we have all built in our daily struggles before now that is keeping us going and probably the ‘comfort’ that the whole of humanity is in this together. For me, it has been an emotional and psychological struggle all though – before I had had time to recover from the emotional impact of one occurrence, another one had followed, and another and another up until now.

My normally stable, calm and calculated spirit now waivers intermittently.  I keep struggling to put things in check, dispel all doubts and fears and hold on to my faith in God. Little wonder I woke up this morning with a feeling of guilt and restlessness. I am imagining what every other person, particularly the less buoyant ones in my family and our community as a whole may be going through right now and how I may have failed people whom I ought to have reached out to.

I ask myself, “Have I done right by everyone I ought to?” and the answer is strongly tilting to ‘No’. I have put up defenses and excuses in my mind, telling myself why my actions so far are the very right things I ought to have done. My spirit raises all sorts of questions, both in guilt and in defense- “But what could I have done?”, “But I would have helped if not that…”, “But hey, these people do not even care about me, otherwise they would have reached out to me too”, “But why don’t I reach out and make sure everyone is okay?”, “But what if these people do not even have food to eat and I am here making excuses?”.

Lots and lots of questions and struggles in my mind and spirit. I will survive this. 

And if you are reading this post, this is me relieving part of my guilt and asking, “Are you okay and safe at this time with your loved ones?”, “Do you have food to eat?”, “Are you okay with your family?”. Please reach out to me if you are not, by sending an email to me through care@vi-mtalentassist.com, or commenting on this post and I will try my very best to help.

To the victims of the Abule Ado explosion, I see you on TV complaining about the huge disruptions to your lives and livelihood. My heart goes out to you. Please also reach out to me if you need help with your business or means of livelihood, by sending an email to me on care@vi-mtalentassist.com, or commenting on this post.

We will promote your business for free on www.vi-mtalentassist.com.

We will also feature your talents, crafts and special skills for free on www.vi-mtalentassist.com.

Are you looking for a job, we will feature your resume on the homepage of www.vi-mtalentassist.com for free at this time.

Most importantly, if your business has been disrupted by the disasters (Abule Ado, Lagos and others) and diseases going on around us, please send us an email at support@fundanenterprise.org. We will help you create and run a campaign to raise funds for you on our business crowdfunding website – www.fundanenterprise.org to help alleviate the situation in which you find yourself.

Campaigns raised so far on the website have not been getting the required donations though, and we cannot tell why at the MSME Crowd Funding Foundation (where I am a trustee), but we keep pushing genuinely and creating awareness for people to help one another on the platform. 

We believe that if all of the affected businesses at the Abule Ado, and anyone affected by the lockdown due to the Coronavirus can come together and run fundraising campaigns on the website, we can all create the required buzz that will make the general public who can comfortably spare N1,000, N2,000, N5,000, to donate to our common existence and know that indeed, we all ought to be our brothers’ keeper!

Let it be a true ‘comfort’ to the worst hit among us that ‘WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER, SUPPORTING EACH OTHER THE BEST WE CAN’.

We await your messages. Please do reach out to us. We are genuine people and our websites and operations are very genuine. You can research about me on Google (Vivian Chigozie-Nmonwu) to start with.

Please do reach out to us with your employment, career or business needs by sending emails to either care@vi-mtalentassist.com or support@fundanenterprise.org. We will help you for free.

May God see all of us through this trying time. Amen

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