WORK IT OUT WITH VIVIAN-Critical Skills That Women Bring to The Workplace 

Statistics show that women represented 49% of the total labour force in 2019. 

As the world witnesses gender diversity in the workplace, the statistics mentioned above show how women play a decisive role in modern workplaces. 

Women bring unique skills and ideas to workplaces, including different responses and attitudes to varying situations.  

Women’s feminine touch, brilliant soft skills, empathy, optimism, and intuition can work in favour of organizations they work for. 

 Contrary to popular belief, women don’t need to emulate men to succeed in the workplace, and this is a false notion that women have proved wrong as they bring their unique skills to the workplace. 

Let us find out more about these unique selling point that makes women what they are; skillful, tactful, strong decision-makers, and highly determined individuals. 

  • Smart communication

It’s amazing how women can easily win people’s hearts and convince them quickly with their communication skills! Whether in-office or remotely, they play an integral role in maintaining seamless communication with peers.

One of the main reasons women are excellent communicators is that they are excellent listeners. They excel at assimilating information setting the right tone for conversations with individuals or groups. 

  • Efficient task management 

Women are brilliant organizers, which shows in their adept task management skills in the workplace. Yes, guys are good at multitasking, but women are more organized, which is a valuable skill when tasks are allocated within a large team. 

Companies running short of staff assign multiple tasks to women, who can take on many roles and perform them efficiently, within set deadlines. 

  • Great control over emotions

Women are more patient while dealing with stressful situations. Unlike men, women have more estrogen, making them calm and composed when dealing with upset clients or angry team members. The ability to suppress frustration is a valuable skill that can save many businesses valuable time, money, and resources. 

  • Empathy 

Women’s empathetic nature allows them to understand others’ feelings better. This skill also helps them have a good rapport with colleagues at the workplace. Empathy will enable women to bring down misunderstandings and conflicts at the workplace, proving costly for any business of any scale and size.

  • Inspiring leadership

Women are hardworking, zealous, and driven to succeed. Their intrinsic ability to inspire others sets them apart from others. They take full responsibility for their actions and do not sit back and take things easy. They lead from the front and set the right example for others. Also, female leaders are least likely to exhibit partial behaviour or misuse any privileges meted out to them.

  • Team spirit

Men tend to be more competitive and aggressive at work and have that ruthless streak, which carries them to the top of the corporate ladder. However, women are natural team players who believe in working together to achieve a friendly team goal. This is useful for businesses that need to have a cohesive, closely-knit team that can work together to perform quality work. 

  • Diversity in the workplace

While this might not be a unique skill of women, having them at the workplace helps to bring much-needed diversity to the workplace. A few decades ago, the workplace was a playground only meant for men, but times have changed and how! 

Women have made the corporate world a more inclusive and diverse space through sheer hard work, grit, and steadfast determination. 

The unique personality traits that women bring to the workplace have made them achieve significant progress at work. They have helped make businesses more productive, vibrant, peaceful, and successful. 

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