‘Work it Out’- with Vivian: The Helper

I read through the story of the creation of the world today again. I needed to be sure at which stage God created the woman. 

It was after creating everything and putting the man in charge of all. God then looked around and saw that man needed a helper, so He made the woman from man’s rib to help him.

I do not want to be confused by my perceived symbolism of the sequence of creation, but I am able to deduce that man probably has an overriding mandate from God to take care of the earth and all of God’s creation and to subdue them, while the woman is created to help the man. I am not a theologian so I cannot tell the type of help the woman is created to render to the man.

Over time, I have made it my business to study the wealthy, particularly those who have built very successful businesses. I have also monitored my own trends in life and from my studies,  I have found:

1. Most women make it more easily in career and business either because their fathers or brothers are rich and powerful; or because their husbands are rich and powerful or have worked to set them up; or because there is a man out there who have trusted their work enough to help them break through. 

2. I have not seen many men being set up by their mothers, sisters, wives or female colleague/boss/ associate/ supplier etc.

In the light of the above, could the help God is talking about mean financial help? Or protection? I think not. In this regard, the helper is actually the man.

I had argued with my husband recently about the powers of the man and those of the woman. 

I realised it is very easy for me to multitask, be intuitive and sensitive, be able to learn and practice the rudiments of child care and home care, cook good meals and all. But these attributes do not come as easily to Oga.

I also realise that Oga goes out and comes back with money and opportunities, much more easily than I could – is this part of his mandate to dominate the earth? I mean, does creation naturally yield to the man for him to reap of it? Wow.

Again, I do not want to be confused by my theories, but as much as I want to make it big in business, I do not want to force myself into the wrong shoes. 
I will try to ensure that there is a solid mix of man and woman in the team, so that whatever help or role God has designed and empowered both sexes to give will ultimately catalyse the business(es) to bountiful growth.

I cannot shout!

* Do you hold the same views with me? what is your own theory? Comment and let us know how things have worked out for you or for any woman you know.

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