WORK IT OUT WITH VIVIAN- What Attributes Make Women in Workplace Better Leaders?

1. Team spirit and team-centred goals:

Women value the relationship and try to understand the need of the employees. When these characteristics of women are brought into the workplace environment, it contributes towards the benefit of the organization.

They are interactive and have tremendous relationship-building power which makes them more likable to all. Using her unique traits in the workplace, she can motivate her staff to put their benefit collaboratively to achieve something good for the company.

2. Great management skills:

Women are endowed with great management skill by birth. From cooking, taking care of a family to motivating a team to achieve something big they can manage everything efficiently.

Their emphatic and collaborative style of management inspires employees to increase their level of productivity.

3. Patience:

Women are patient and have the power to handle any adverse situation logically and efficiently.

From listening to the problems of her employees to tackling rough situations with ease, women can manage everything being patient and calm.

4. Great analysing skill:

Studies show that women are better in decoding non-verbal cues and subtle emotional messages than men are.

Due to this skill women are able to notice unspoken emotions of confusion, stress and frustration in employees. They can easily identify the problem, boost up morale and can lead them to better productivity.

As women are better in understanding the emotion or problems of others, employees feel comfortable communicating their problems to them, making then great managers or team leaders.

Women focus on employee satisfaction and help them to flourish. Women are practical, professional and great problem solvers.

Why there is Need for More Women Leaders at the Workplace?

A few decades back the term ‘leadership’ was viewed as masculine behavior. People have a pre-set conception that men can make effective leaders, while women lack this quality as they are overly emotional and sensitive.

But recent researches show that fairer sex makes better leaders and employees. They are blessed with such skills that help them to perform their job and run a business more efficiently than males.

Being intuitive, understanding, persuasive and working collaboratively women can handle a team better than guys.

While men are very authoritative, women use a more participative leadership style to manage a team. They share information, welcome others’ points of views and build strong relational skills which make them seem concerned to their team players.

Women are great communicators, motivators and know how to generate a feeling if togetherness in a team. Women are givers; they enjoy inspiring others to excel in their jobs. This quality makes women brilliant long-term strategic thinkers.

In today’s global market scenario where communication and collaboration are highly valued to achieve success, women have a considerable advantage in the workplace. Women are inclusive, compassionate and believe in the collaborative workforce.

Due to their emphatic nature, they can decode other emotions and build strong work relationships with employees. Blessed with gifts like patience, intuition and optimism women can win everyone’s heart and influence others to give their best to achieve something big.

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