‘Work-it-Out’-with Vivian: A Key to Success

One truth about success in life is consistency.

If you continue to passionately develop, practice and give your best in a particular field, the world has no choice than to give you that recognition (in other words, success) in that field.

Time resolves everything. With time, the world will know you for nothing else but what you do consistently and they will subconsciously resort to you/ patronize you to resolve needs in that area.

You do not have to be a tech champion, or on the front cover of a magazine, or on TV, or a multiple award recipient or a social media influencer or in the 30 under 30 list, or in the list of world’s most 100 influential people, and all of the hypes – not saying that branding is not important, it is very important to showcase what we do to as many people as possible – but please don’t go and kill yourself when you see all those headlines because they do not always equate the substance of what is being done behind the limelight…

Nature usually takes its course and nature works with time and substance…

I recall that many of the successful people I have known while growing up were described by what they do well and consistently – Benu, who at all times sold non-watery meat at New Haven market, Benji who traded in high quality ‘ahia-akpa’ (bagged grains), Mathilda who still sells very high quality, delicious and beautifully dried fish at Artisan market, SIMS the big time electronics dealer, Muogbo the SAN, Late Hillary Attamah the tax man, patriot and activist, Don the pharmacist (Mom has been ‘addicted’ to Don’s pharmacy for decades now, phew!), Nanka Street (Late Mama Charley, Arumma, Mama Uche, etc) for all styles of special braids, a particular guy who sold cosmetics in wholesale at Ogbete market (I’ve forgotten his name now) and the big shots who sell curated lace/ chieftancy attires at the rail side of Ogbete Market, etc.. You may also relate with this kind of experience around you.

That is the power of practicing consistently in a particular field. People remember you by that thing you do, always.

Be very good at what you do (not necessarily the best), love what you do, build on it, be consistent, be passionate, be compassionate, believe in yourself, be happy, be content with each milestone achieved while you reach for more, and… stay the course – that is the life of your dreams that you are already living.

The human mind/spirit is powerful enough to build the exact same world to which it is so passionately inclined.

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