‘Work it Out’- with Vivian: Balancing Work and Family

It requires bravery and boldness for a woman to work and handle the strain at work.

Here are some pointers to assist.

  1. Take Good Care of Yourself: Your wellbeing should come first. To effectively manage your children and your professional life, you must control your eating and sleeping schedules. You will experience both emotional and bodily tension if you don’t take care of this initially. Therefore, you won’t be able to succeed in either of those two sectors.
  2. Connect with Your Spouse Clearly: Explain to your partner how you are feeling if you are feeling overburdened with work or caring for the kids. You should practice having these kind of talks with your partner since you will eventually need to confide in them. Your initial need is for their assistance.
  3. Give Yourself Some Time. When life becomes too much, reward yourself with small pleasures. You cannot work continually, and taking a break will increase your productivity. Enjoy a nice meal, manicures, meditation, set-aside time for hobbies, etc. You can revitalize both your body and mind by doing this.
  4. Eliminate Negativity: If there are people around you who are constantly complaining about how unbalanced your life is, stay away from them. Recognize that you are already under enough stress; you don’t need further criticism to drag you down even lower. These people are criticizing you in an effort to eliminate all of your optimistic notions.
  5. Ask for Help: If your workload at work has been excessive and you are unable to complete your household tasks once you get home, ask for assistance. Instead than making you appear incompetent or weak, it will offer you more time to interact with your partner and children. You can benefit greatly from hiring a babysitter or housekeeper for a few hours each week.


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