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Summary of the TED Talk: “A seat at the table” by Lilly Singh

The topic of underpaid female staff and female workers having less opportunities and benefits in the work place is no new issue. Female business owners and creators being unrecognised and respected less than their male counterparts is a chain that has gone on for a very long time. This is the reason why the fight for equality is never truly over.

The 20-minute TED talk hosted by Lilly Singh titled “The Seat at The Table” with over 300 thousand views on YouTube gives a clear insight on how to include women in business world (The table) and give them a chance to bring their full self to the table (a seat). It highlights how difficult it is for women in various industries to show their potential, shedding light to how most female voices are not included in the news, and their voices are not heard.

The talk uncovers her past and her personal experiences in the industry, how the issue of equality has affected her as a young unmarried woman, the little opportunities she has had and how she had to put in twice the work to get to where she is today.

She also explains that industries with diverse teams are more productive than others, giving statistics that cooperations that have more gender diversity on their teams 25% more likely to experience above average profitability and racially diverse companies have 36% more profit.  She also offers a number of solutions to help industries who want to give more people a seat. Stressing the fact that women must be given a good seat at the table and industries should create space for women.

Gratitude is not a currency; women shouldn’t be told that they should be grateful to have a sit even when they’re not still treated fairly.  Fairness and gratitude aren’t mutually exclusive. Women shouldn’t have to fight each other for available spaces, there should be enough space to harbour everyone who deserves a seat at the table. Industries and cooperation’s shouldn’t have women prove themselves over and over again once they get a seat at the table.

The fact that we could create new tables was another solution that wasn’t left out. Women should understand that while being at a table is good, creating a new one is even better. Creating a future where women don’t have to fight to get opportunities and benefits and aren’t underpaid is something that we can do.

Now, this talk has gone on to inspire thousands of people, including me, which is why you are seeing this article. The bold, impactful speech resonated with women in various aspects of the industry and hopefully will make industries see the need to be more diverse and create equal opportunities and benefits for women. It will also encourage women to create their won spheres of influence to help empower other women. We can create a better future where women can go to school, are equally paid and can get equal opportunities and we will!

Curated and summarised by: Angel Ejugh

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